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Cis0 VIII (2015)

Image of СИЗО-VII 2016 FineArt Fine Art Print by Michael van Emde Boas. Limited Edition of 3Powerfull elimination of the sad
Cis0 VIII (2015)

100×100 cm Editie 6+AP.
70x 70 cm Editie 6+AP.

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Michael van Emde Boas (°1969, Amsterdam)

Unpredictable Perfection

Michael van Emde Boas is a Dutch Photography Artist.
By questioning the concept of movement, Michael’s work always starts with an idea plus a well prepared and sophisticated work environment.

His works mainly captures movement. Intrigued with a fascination for what you can’s see.
By doing so, new in-visible  interpretations are created which reveal the UNPREDICTABLE. In Michael’s work there is an inseparable relationship between elements, motion, moment and himself.

The works are made with daily items we all know. At the same time, his work reflects the beauty and fragility of those common things around us. In the challenge of the unpredictable, his work has lost predefined proportions and recognizability.

A fine detail in his work; Images are captured -“as is”- with no, or limited post-editing. Viewers are encouraged to imagine their own interpretations, instead of questioning ‘the how’ , or ‘ the what’.

Michael is in an ongoing effort, trying to expand boundaries in this work field. More complexity. Bigger sets. Other materials. New approaches. By focusing on concept, techniques and materials, he creates intense new visual art works that speak to a broad audience.

Michael van Emde Boas currently lives and works from Amsterdam. Combining his 25 years in commercial photography assignments with his fine art projects.


Contemporary Cosmos NR #4

Contemporary Cosmos NR #4 (2015)
Explosion of Indian Holy powder.

– 70 X 70 cm | 27,6 inch X 27,6 inch Edition of 9 +2 AP
– 35 X 35 cm |27,6 inch X 27,6 inch Edition of 12 +2 AP

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After studying photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague he gained exceptional practical experience at Madame Tussaud’s and worked for various photographers for a period of more than six years. Persistence is the only way.

At the early age of 19 he started working as a professional photographer. In 1995 he opened his own photo studio -overnight- in the centre of Amsterdam. With the fortunately ability of having a successful commercial photography career, Michael started using his equipment and resources in his journey into the ‘Unpredictable Perfection’. Returning themes in his work: Expand boundaries of the canvas and overcome personal limitations. 

With artwork sold globally by , privé collectors acquiring artworks and exhibitions on a regular basis, Michael, now a days, divides his time between his commercial assignments and Fine Art Projects.


Contemporary Cosmos NR #1

Contemporary Cosmos NR #1 (2015)
Explosion of Indian Holy powder.

147,50 X 80 cm | 58,1 inch X 31,5 inch Edition of 6 +2 AP

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