"Persistence the only way"

Intrigued with a fascination for what you can’t see

The concept of movement fascinates Michael. He started his artwork with a question following an idea and a concept to be effected in a well prepared and sophisticated environment. He intends to capture movement while focusing on what usually remains unseen. 

Hence, Michael creates “images of the invisible” in the process of “mastering the unpredictable.” Each image he creates reflects a unique relationship between elements, motion, moment and himself. All his work are inspired by regular day to day object, they also radiate the beauty and fragility of the common things around us even in cases where they have probably lost their predefined shape and recognition due to the force of “the unpredictable.”

Just as the quote says, “you don’t take a photograph, you make it”, Michael believes in candid photography where images are captured as it is, with very limited or no post-editing. With Michael, what you see is what you get; viewers are thus encouraged to experience their emotions and interpretations instead of questioning “the how” or “the what.”

Michael continuously tries to expand the boundaries in his work with “more complexity, bigger sets, better materials, and new approaches.” By paying attention to the concept, technique, and materials, he creates new intense visual art-works that speaks to b large audience. 

Michael van Emde Boas presently lives and works from Amsterdam combining his 25years in commercial photography with his fine-art project. 



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