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  • 22 October 2021

Splashes are the equivalent of days of cleaning and mopping.

Splash: There is this adage that says “Every mistake in art is a design” it only makes it look more beautiful and creative. 

Splash is a type of art that most times seem as if it was a mistake that occurred, but it’s not, it is only causing a small or large creative mark or stain of colored s

Substances or liquid on most times a plain sheet or material, giving it a tremendous astonishing look.

Splash turns an ordinary plain and simple piece of art into something fancy and extraordinary. Don’t forget that there is no mistake in art, and no rule guiding it.



We ship your Artwork including a Certificate of Authenticity, personally signed by Michael. The document proofs your artwork is authentic and in the serie. 


Our goal is to deliver our Artworks at your doorstep FOR FREE. Where ever you live, work or plan to hang our Unique Fine Art. Please check with us before you order if you have any questions about shipping adventures.


Your valuable acquisition is in good hands. We use only wooden boxes to make sure transportation wil go good!

Excellent choice

Michael’s work is Exclusive

Printed Series  are always LIMITED EDITIONS. They come in series of  3-6-9- or 12. Depending on size and serie.

Unique and very special

It’s a One of a Kind. Never the same. Capturing motion implicates you can’t make the same again.  

#3 Museum quality fine art printing

Michael’s work is made with the best materials available. High Quality photo print’s. Best suppliers.

#4 Matching any Interior

You see Michaels Artwork’s in

– Private Homes

– Office Space

– Public Environment

#5 Hey, We are very flexible

We like special requests. Tailored to the occasion.  Would you like to make it a gift, a odd size Artwork or special note… 

Shoot your ideas and I share mine!

#6 We are here to help.

The Artist’s Life 24/7/365

Call +31 6 24 770868 for assistance.

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