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Graz Cosmos Nature Expo from SEPT 13 to OCT 12 2018

Great to have you here!

13/09/2018 / 7 pm opening

fascinated by the concept of movement, michael’s work always starts with a question followed by an idea and a concept to be worked out in a well prepared and sophisticated studio environment. his works intend to capture movement, focussing on what normally remains unseen. thus michael creates “images of the invisible” in a process of “mastering the unpredictable”, each one reflecting a unique relationship between elements, motion, moment and himself. since all works are made using regular day to day objects, they also reflect the beauty and fragility of those common things around us even where due to the force of “the unpredictable” they may have lost predefined shapes and recognizability. michael believes in straightforward photography; images are captured -“as is”- with no or only very limited post-editing. what you see is what you get: viewers are encouraged to experience their own emotions and interpretations, rather than questioning ‘the how’ , or ‘ the what’. michael continuously is trying to expand boundaries in this work. more complexity. bigger sets. other materials. new approaches. by focusing on concept, techniques and materials, he creates intense new visual art-works that speak to a broad audience. michael van emde boas currently lives and works from amsterdam. combining his 25 years in commercial photography assignments with his fine-art projects.

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Opening Hours : Mo- Fry 11 AM -17 PM