"Persistence the only way"

Intrigued with a fascination for what you can’t see, the concept of movement has always captivated Michael. He embarked on his artistic journey with a simple question, following an idea and a concept to be brought to life in a well-prepared and sophisticated photographic environment.

His primary aim is to capture the essence of movement, focusing on the often overlooked aspects that remain unseen.

Hence, Michael specializes in creating “images of the invisible” while mastering the unpredictable. Each image he creates reflects a unique relationship between elements, motion, the moment, and himself.

All his work draws inspiration from everyday objects, radiating the beauty and fragility of the common things that surround us, even in cases where they have lost their predefined shape and recognition due to the force of the unpredictable.

As the famous quote goes, “you don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Michael adheres to candid photography, where images are captured as they are, with minimal or no post-editing.

With Michael, what you see is what you get; viewers are encouraged to experience their emotions and interpretations rather than questioning “the how”, “the why” or “the what.”

Michael continuously pushes the boundaries in his work, striving for “more complexity, larger sets, better materials, and new approaches.” By paying meticulous attention to the concept, technique, and materials, he creates intense visual artworks that resonate with a broad audience.

Michael van Emde Boas currently resides and works in Amsterdam Area, seamlessly blending his 25 years of experience in commercial photography with his fine art projects.